Our Vision


Our long-term aim is to secure funding for a full-time Development Manager in each US state. Having full-time development staff is essential if the game is to realize its true potential in the United States.

The responsibilities of each State Development Manager will include:

  • Identifying strategies to maximize junior participation
  • Liaising with schools to organize coaching sessions for their students
  • Identifying opportunities to introduce Footy 9s into new areas
  • Seeking and gaining official recognition of Footy 9s as a sport
  • Identifying opportunities for obtaining grants and funding
  • Securing sponsorship from both government and corporate sources
  • Promoting Footy 9s to local and regional media
  • Coordinating accreditation opportunities for coaches and umpires
  • Providing a pathway for players, coaches and umpires to participate at the highest level
  • Recruiting, supervising and prioritising workload of a support team

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