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What is Footy 9s?
Footy 9s has been developed by Australian Football International (AFI) to allow the sport to be played on rugby or soccer fields, without losing any of the fun or excitement associated with the traditional game.

What are the differences from other versions?
Footy 9s uses the existing field markings of rugby or soccer fields. As a result, no additional marking of the field is required.

Further, the behind posts have been removed. Whilst the high scoring nature of Australian Football is one of its enduring appeals, having too much scoring in Footy 9s would hamper its appeal. We want to have more scoring than the other football codes, but not so much that the achievement of scoring becomes devalued.

Soccer or Rugby fields? Which one should I choose?
One of the benefits of Footy 9s is the flexibility to play on either field. Access to which type of rectangular field will often depend on where you live. If you are based in the Pacific, for example, then playing on rugby fields will be the best option for you. In Europe, if you find yourself outside some of the major cities, access to a soccer field might be much easier.

What about tackling?
Another benefit of Footy 9s is the flexibility to play either contact or non-contact versions. Society is made up of many different people – there will be those that will really enjoy tackling, whilst there are others that are keen to play in a more social setting. Whatever version you choose to adopt, your players will be running, kicking, handballing, marking and having fun!

I am keen to start a Footy 9s club. What is the first step?
Please contact us via We look forward to hearing from you.

How does it work?
As a valued member of the AFI community, we will work with you to develop a professional sponsorship proposal that will target potential sponsors in your local community. The sponsors will have the choice of 3 different levels of support – Gold, Silver & Bronze – with each sponsor securing their logo on your playing jumper. With the support of these sponsors we will then be able to provide you with the following items:

  • Footy Jumpers
  • Sherrin Footballs
  • Sherrin Football Bag
  • Umpire Whistles

Can I choose the design of the footy jumper?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage all of our new clubs to come up with colours and a design that reflects their local community or city. Just send us what you want your jumper to look like, and we will arrange to have our graphic artist convert it into a professional design. We will then send to you for approval before making the jumpers.

What about shorts & socks?
Our focus is on supplying you with the most important items to get your club up and running, which include footy jumpers and footballs. Shorts and socks can be sourced locally, and are often much cheaper than being sent from Australia.

Is there a cost?
No. Our aim is to work with you to identify and secure sponsors in your local community. It is these sponsors who will cover the costs of the above items.